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What People Don’t Tell You About Body Positivity

Updated: Apr 22, 2021

I want to talk about what people aren’t really saying about self love and self care.

It’s really, really fucking hard. There is no book, post or product that’s going to automatically make us love ourselves or our bodies more.

I have loose skin, cellulite and stretch marks in places you couldn’t even imagine. Everything on my body jiggles and from the time I was has been anything but flawless. I spent years hating my body. I have to see those society labeled “flaws” from every angle, every day. And some days...It really sucks, even I get stuck on ideas of things I wish I could change. But, you know what sucks more? Living in a world where we will always feel inadequate because the picture of how things should be in our head isn’t true to reality. The standards of beauty and perfection have been set at an all time high. I have to choose to love my body. I have to choose to have self confidence. I have to choose to be okay with how my body moves, how it fluctuates. I stay confident in the notion that...your body will never be the measure of who you are. Your true worth and value aren’t conditional by those who love you, nor does anyone outside of yourself hold that power.

So together let’s say....fuck it! Buy that outfit you’ve been afraid wouldn’t flatter you, take the class you’ve been scared to attend, bare the bathing suit you’ve feared others would see you in. Why wouldn’t we choose to live the way we want...just because our body isn’t modified to perfection?

Once you let go of’ll realize that worrying about flaws, fluctuations and weight have no real hold on your life.

I often hear from women scared to lose weight and afraid of change because the reality of weight loss has an ugly side. I’ve made incredible changes to my body/wellbeing and without a doubt, I am better for it. I never say...” Man, I regret losing weight because when I bend over my stomach skin looks like a vagina of loose hideousness!” For every day I struggle, I love what my body is able to do tenfold and I do so being far from perfection.

So keep doing your thing. Keep living, keep learning and choose to love thy self. 💕#IChooseToLive

#bodypositivity #selfconfidence #selfcare

*This was originally posted April 24, 2018

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